Why Thinking About Camp in November Isn’t So Weird After All

It may not seem like there’s much in common between where we are now and where we were in the summer. But all you have to do is look a little closer, and you’ll see there are more commonalities than you thought. As we get ready to launch early registration, it may feel weird to consider next summer when we are about to turn the corner into the holiday season. But these are three ways in which summer camp is just like the fall season—and three reasons why you should register early.

Both Last a Short Time

I’m sure we could all agree that fall is just too short. It’s as if we snap our fingers on the heels of summer and winter is in full swing! Just like it is with fall, summer camp can be a magical time that we wish could go on forever. Especially when what follows is school! Both camp and fall are a short time to be treasured, a time to enjoy the outdoors and do fun activities with friends and family. Early registration does not last long, either! But it can have significant impact on how much you pay for your session and which session your child will attend.

Both Can Involve Dress-Up

One of the best times at camp is when you get to dress up and get silly! Whether it’s for a themed dinner or a skit, camp often involves donning costumes and putting on characters. It’s not unlike a fall party at school or a Halloween outing, where kids can also dress up or go trick-or-treating. Both the fall months and a week at summer camp offer an opportunity to dress up with friends, act out fun characters and maybe end up with a sweet dessert by the end of it! Remembering back to the joy and silliness of summer camp while dressing up in the fall can be a great reminder to register early.

Both Fill You With Anticipation

Few things are more exciting than the weeks leading up to summer camp. It can feel similarly when it’s November and the Christmas holidays are right around the corner. Whenever something is highly anticipated, it’s gotta be good, right? There’s something special about summer camp–the week you spend with friends learning more about God and having fun! It’s got a unique quality just like Christmas–a time spent with family, in celebration of all the things God has done.
On November 20th, consider registering early for camp. You will save money and secure your child’s spot in their most anticipated week of the summer.

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