Volume: Cooking for a Community


Volume: Cooking for a Community is a cookbook that celebrates the beloved recipes and community atmosphere that have profoundly shaped the experience at InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Manitoba.

Volume: Cooking for Community, is a Manitoba made cookbook written by chef and first-time author Sharon Steward. Both a feast for the eyes and a unique kitchen resource, this cookbook has grown out of Sharon’s experience as head Chef at InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Manitoba over the past six years, and it was here that the power of food to build and strengthen community was truly embraced and celebrated.

Just as beautiful as it is useful, Volume: Cooking for a Community features 50 recipes from camp, each with direction on preparing amounts for 4-6 and 80+ guests–an amazing resource for anyone preparing food for a crowd. Stunning and evocative food photography taken on location at camp on MacKinnon Island on the north shore of Shoal Lake and in the kitchen grace the pages and provide an authentic, yet dreamy understanding of the magic that takes place in this environment.

Each recipe invites you to cook with ease and sensitivity to allergies and intolerances, often a concern when cooking for larger groups, young and old, and are organized into meals, encompassing morning, midday and evening menus. Stories steeped in camp food traditions new and continuing will bring a smile

Tried and tested favourites like granola, burgers on homemade bus, and chili–more delicious than you can imagine will soon become your fearless go-to recipes.

Morning meals: Menu Two

  • Faith’s Cinnamon Buns
  • Potato and Onion Fritatta
  • Fruit Salad
Midday meals: Menu Nine, Sunday Lunch

  • Orange-Oregano Marinated Chicken with Tztatziki Sauce
  • Potato Salad
  • Cucumber Tahini Salad
  • Moose-poop Cookies
Evening Meals: Menu Ten, Spring Fish Fry

  • Soda Batter
  • Baked Potato Wedges
  • Tartar Sauce
Created with the support of InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Manitoba, this book is a tool, a documentation of camp food experiences, and a collection of recipes that reveal fond camp food memories. All proceeds from book sales will return to InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Manitoba’s ongoing ministries and community. Be sure to visit www.volumecookbook.com to follow our project, order books, discover new recipes and read the latest on our blog.

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