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At Pioneer Camp

Yes. To help reduce lost and found items we ask that all possessions brought to camp be labelled. We attempt to help care for the camper’s clothing, but often considerable amounts get left behind. All lost and found items will be returned to the Winnipeg office at the end of September and will be available for parents to look through until the end of November. On occasion items can be returned with scheduled bus runs at the end of camp sessions. Please contact the office if there is a specific item you are looking for.

Pioneer Camp is owned and operated by InterVarsity who has been operating summer camps and year-round outdoor educational programs since 1929. We operate nine summer camps across Canada under the names of Pioneer Camp and Circle Square Ranch.


Our Caring Staff

The camp director has more than 23 years experience working with Pioneer Camp.

Our leadership team consists of individuals with previous camping experience as well as specific skills and training in their area of responsibility.

Liability and Occupational Accident Insurance for Volunteer Staff

InterVarsity Pioneer Camp maintains a general liability policy, which includes all volunteers. This means that if a volunteer is brought into a non-criminal lawsuit as a result of their activity on behalf of InterVarsity Pioneer Camp, the policy would respond on their behalf.

InterVarsity Pioneer Camp maintains Occupational Accident Insurance for all volunteers who are participating in duties on or off the premises that are supervised and sponsored by InterVarsity Pioneer Camp. This also includes travelling to and from volunteer duties. The benefits include excess medical, excess dental, family transportation, funeral expense, home/vehicle adaptation, psychological therapy, rehabilitation/retraining, repatriation. The policy also covers injuries sustained from seat belt, felonious assault and activities which cause paralysis. Note: The policy has limits on the various benefits.

Health and Safety

Health and safety are a primary concern at Pioneer Camp. We strive to provide safe and enjoyable activities.
  • There is a qualified medical person on staff, available 24 hours a day.
  • Pioneer Camp leadership staff are trained in First Aid and CPR.
  • Quality, nutritional meals are provided with a variety of healthy snack options at Tuck times.
  • Drinking water is lab analyzed regularly for quality.
  • All campers must provide a valid health number and completed medical information on application. Out-of-province campers must have medical insurance.

Yes. Because a high level of care for campers is so important to us, the operation of all activities and facilities where campers could potentially experience injury is governed by our risk management manual. This manual clearly details required supervision levels, equipment checks, and operating guidelines to ensure the safe participation of all campers. As well, campers and staff alike are trained to recognize and respond to signals in case of an emergency. This emergency procedure is practised in a drill early in every session.
Pioneer Camp cannot guarantee to be a nut/peanut free environment. We do seek to reduce the risk of exposure and therefore do not use or serve peanuts, peanut products or tree nuts on camp property. Nuts or products containing nuts will not be available in our store. However, the food we purchase and serve may contain traces of nut products.

No. Pioneer Camp is a smoke-free facility. Smoking by campers is prohibited. The use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or narcotics is also prohibited.

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Please feel free to ask any additional questions you may have below. We also run summer camp sessions during July & August as well as a Family Camp with more canoeing & tripping opportunities. Please let us know if you would like more information. We would love to hear from you!

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