Generation to Generation Site Renewal

By Pete Dearborn, Project Director


I am very pleased to give you an update on our Generation to Generation site renewal. Despite so many challenges this year, Generation to Generation had a remarkably successful summer, including meeting our funding goals for our Phase 1 project, praise God!


I am immensely grateful for the progress we made on our Leadership Center, the new building on Bunny Point. On the interior, we saw completed the wall panelling, window and door trim, other interior finishing carpentry, the whole finished interior has been stained, and all electrical. It looks amazing. On the exterior, the finished siding is completed, exposed wood is stained, and the boardwalk extended and connected to the building. It feels and looks almost ready to use.


What is left to do? While the crew had been scheduled for September, getting the pre-existing stone fireplace repaired and ready for use will now be done in the spring. This delay also meant we could not finish the flooring and some work matching the wall to the fireplace. Once those pieces are complete, we need the furnishings, stairs to the lookout, some minor cabinetry, and railing on both sides of the lookout. Workers are already lined up to start in early spring for these items and it is very satisfying to see this significant project so near completion.


Concerning our Phase 2 site renewal projects, of course we were not able to move them forward as much as we would have liked. However, plans are in place for a new beach wall once funding is in place. This project brought to our attention that first, dock reinforcement work needed to be done in the back bay to get small excavating equipment on site. This equipment will be necessary for both the front bay and bulk propane projects. Currently we are awaiting the work permit from the Min. of Natural Resources. The lumber is on site for the dock work and so we may start this on our winter work weekend.


Looking to other items in our Phase 2 plans, we fully intend to renovate our main gathering space, the Bill Mason Place next summer. Some funds have already been designated to this need. The windows have been measured to get quotes this winter. Upgrades to this building simply need to be done and will include new siding as well as refinishing the wood flooring.


Thanks for supporting our site renewal initiatives in every way. It is important to remember in all the challenges, that site renewal assures the future of MPC for the next generation and allows us to meet the current needs reflected in the growth we have experienced. All for the sake of impacting the lives of campers, students, staff, and adult volunteers, the same way yours and my own life has been impacted by the unique place we call MPC. Your partnership is essential and makes what we do possible. Please continue to stand with Neil, Sharon, and the rest of the camp staff as we all work toward securing camp for the next generation.


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Peter Dearborn
Pete “Drifter” Dearborn has served at Manitoba Pioneer Camp for nearly 30 years. He and his wife Cindy have four grown children. Pete has significant experience mentoring and leading young people, having worked with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s high school ministry for 15 years before being appointed to direct the camp in 2012. Now in the 2019 season he turns his focus towards site renewal and nurturing relationships with alumni and supporters.


Email Peter: [email protected]

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