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An InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Manitoba Site Renewal Project

Now Is the Time


At InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Manitoba we are committed to investing in young leaders in this current generation and for generations to come. We love seeing these young leaders go on to influence their world. We want to keep doing this for years to come. 

Our sites on Shoal Lake provide space for every camper, staff and visitor to experience restoration, healing and transformation. These are safe places where people discover who they are and who God is. These are places where people experience the good gifts of community and creation and where they have fun!

Our sites have been serving us well for more than 75 years. They have been well used by thousands of campers who consider Shoal Lake their summer home! Now it’s time to begin some crucial upgrades and site improvements.

Please Invest now and help us serve current campers, staff and visitors plus create space for growth. Your gift will also safeguard the camp for future generations.


Our Generation to Generation campaign is about a flourishing ministry at Pioneer Camp Manitoba. It’s a step-by-step campaign: as we fund and finish one project, we will undertake the next one.  The first project is a new Leadership Training Centre on Bunny Point.


Phase 1 of our renewal begins with replacing the current building on Bunny Point – the Staff Lounge – with a new Leadership Training Centre. This facility will be multi-purposed in its ability to be an effective learning space for staff training sessions and our boys and girls Leaders-In-Training programs. We will also use it for rental groups, Canoe School, and Outdoor Education groups, which are are all in need of a comfortable and inspiring meeting place.


Fundraising Goal for Phase 1: $250,000

We have reached our goal of $250,000 for Phase 1!

Phase 2  of our site renewal will include staff housing renovations, completing the last two camper cabin renewals, converting the main site to bulk propane, and the revitalization of the front bay wall and area. Watch this space for future updates.


Fundraising Goal for Phase 2: $185,000

$56,230 raised

So please join us


We will keep you up to date as we progress both with fundraising needs and with project goals. Sign up for development updates to receive our newsletters.


Dedicated to Ralph Bueckert

Many thanks to Herb Enns, for his insightful collaboration with us and beautifully thoughtful design of the Leadership Centre. The building itself will be much like a lantern, a beacon that looks out over the lake. This purposely honours Ralph Bueckert, a staff member who drowned while serving as a boat driver at camp in the 1960’s. This building will stand as a testament to his service.

Give specifically to the site renewal in any way you can.


Together, let us be sure that the wonderful story of Pioneer Camp goes on for many more generations.


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Generation to Generation Site Renewal

August report 2020


I hope you are all doing well and staying safe in this time of change due to the pandemic. All our lives have been impacted and camp too as our whole season has been cancelled due to the virus. I have been on site and it is truly difficult to see camp essentially empty in the summer for the first time in our history. However, though the pandemic has affected Generation to Generation, it is ongoing.
Gen to Gen is working to complete three projects this summer. This is in addition to acquiring a new outboard motor for our Eagle boat this spring. It is completed and working great! We are working to complete the new Leadership Training Center on Bunny Point. Of course, we are trying to take advantage of a season with no campers and hope to rebuilding the stone wall by our beach. Plans are well underway for this and we are looking for financial partners in this important upgrade to our site. Using the same equipment being brought to the island for the wall, we hope to build a place for bulk propane tanks. While Covid has meant reduced finances in general, we are trying to complete these key projects.
I am thankful for so many people and God’s provisions. His plans are clearly always good. Now that a few more volunteers are allowed on site please let me know if you would like to come and help. Equally important, please keep praying for Gen to Gen and consider supporting these three projects with a donation. We celebrate a successful summer despite the quieter shores of MacKinnon Island.
Pete Dearborn
Director, Generation to Generation